Le Synthédiseur, Synthé d'Ici et d'Ailleurs

Le Synthédiseur, Synthé d'Ici et d'Ailleurs

Mes recommandations musicales






AVRIL 2014


Monica Bergo -Il mondo che non cé

Monica Bergo Il mundo che non cé.jpg


Bluesky 26 - Enjoy

Blue sky 26 Enjoy.jpg


Jérôme Lemay - Sign O' the Times

Jérôme Lemay Time.jpg


Purty Violet - Hey Little Fly

Purty Violet Hey Little Fly.jpg



Melvin Donovan - Thinking Out Loud

Melvin Donovan Thonking Out Loud.jpg


Jérôme Lemay - Enough is Enough

Jérôme Lemay Enough is Enough.jpg


James Jennings - Our Love

James Jennings Our Love.jpg


Lisa Gill and Franck Szypura - 13 Letters 

Lisa Gill and Franck Szypura 13 Letters.jpg


Jérôme Lemay - Stuck on You

Jérôme Lemay Stuck on you.jpg


Peter Papp & Takahiro Masuda -Rebel Rebel

Peter Papp & Taka Masuda Rebel Rebel.png


Valentin Vasilev - Come Out of The Shadows

Valentin Vasilev -Come Out Of The Shadows.jpg


Dual Kords - Back to You

Dual Kords Back to you.jpg


Melvin Donovan - Witchy Lady 

Melvin Donovan Witchy Lady.jpg


Stephen Jones - Stratus Billy Cobham

Stephen Jones Stratus Billy Cobham.jpg


Don DePaola - Tales from Galaxy 12

Don DePaola Tales from Galaxy12.jpg


Mauricio Garay - A Horse with no name 

Mauricio Garay A Horse with no name.jpg


Kathy Shortt - Wild Daisies

Kathy Shortt Wild Daisies.jpg



Dessyndinho - Me Rather Make Love & Not War Inna Babylon

Dessyndinho Me Rather Make Love & Not War Inna Babylon.jpg


Jérôme Lemay - A way to Believe Again

Jérôme Lemay A way to believe again.jpg


Mauricio Garay - Creep

Mauricio Garay Creep.jpg


Stephen Jones - In the Lounge

Stephen Jones In the Lounge.jpg


CJ Rogers - Liquid Lights


CJ Rogers Liquid Lights.jpg

Chris Charlesworth - Here Comes The Blues Again

Chris Charlesworth Here Comes the Blues Again.jpg


Philippe Cabay - Jam In E

Philippe Cabay Jam In E.jpg


Stephen Jones - Jazz Funk Tonight

Stephen Jones Jazz Funk tonight.jpg


Terry Hall - Welcome To The Casbah

 Terry Hall Welcome to the Casbah.jpg


Songs From A Room - Sadness will last as long as life

Songs From A room Sadness will last as long as life.jpg


Jimmy Dean Brooks - Rock Me Baby

Jimmy Dean Brooks Rock me Baby.jpg


Stephen Jones - Vierd Blues

Stephen Jones Vierd Blues.jpg


Franck Szypura - Blue Cat Jazz

Franck Szypura Blue Cat Jazz.jpg


Jim Jenkin - Bike

Jim Jenkin Bike.jpg


Danny Roffe - My Mellow Guitar Solo


Danny Roffe My Mellow Guitar Solo.jpg


Song From A Room - Say It With Love

Song from a room Say it with love.jpg


Jérôme Lemay - Girl

Jérôme Lemay Girl.jpg



MARS 2014


Jérôme Lemay - Free Fallin'

Jérôme Lemay Free Fallin'.jpg


Melvin Donovan - Happy Endings

Melvin Donovan Happy Endings.jpg


Stephen Jones - Stratus in Feeling

Stephen Jones Stratus in Feeling.jpg


Jérôme Lemay - Secrets Cachés

Jérôme Lemay Secrets Cachés.jpg


Hiro Ogawa - Simple Heart

Hiro Ogawa Simple Heart.jpg


Song From A Room - West Coast

Song from a room West Coast.jpg


Jérôme Lemay - Douce Mélancholie

Jérôme Lemay Douce Mélancholie.jpg


Jono Rezzillo - Peace of Iona

Jono Rezzillo Peace of Iona.jpg


Michel Gypen - Doomed to Burst after 4:00 AM

Michel Gypen Boomed to Burst.jpg



Doc Protool - Charity

Doc Protool Charity.jpg


Asbjorn Rodberg - Sing A Song

Asbjorn Rodberg Sin A Song.jpg


Staffan Fenander - Mystery Train

Staffan Fenander Mystery Train.jpg

Jayashanker Narasimhan - Shenbagame

Jayashanker Shenbagame.jpg


Peter Papp - Gold Dust Woman 

Peter Papp Gold Dust Woman.jpg


HG Schmitz & Melvin Donovan - Ulterior Motive

HG Schmitz Melvin Ulterior Motive.jpeg


John Forlini&Roger Chandler - John Blues

John Forlini Blues.jpg


Jérôme Lemay - Michelle

Jérôme Lemay Michelle.jpg


Kathy Shortt - Jordan

Kathy Shortt Jordan.jpg


Lavallin - The Sirens Call

Lavallin The Sirens Call.jpg


Merriman's Ghost - The Bench and The Lake

Merriman's Ghost The Bench and the Lake.jpg


Stephen Jones - Close to Home

Stephen Jones Close to Home.jpg


Stephen Jones - Acoustic Afternoon

Stephen Jones Acoustic Afternoon.jpg


  Doc Protool - Neomorphul

Doc Protool Neomorphus.jpg


Songs From a Room - He Who Knows

Songs From A Room He who Knows.jpg


Jérôme Lemay - Call me the Breeze

Jérôme Lemay Call me the Breeze.jpg


Rare - Moon Elevator 

Rare Moon Elevator.jpg


Megan Mc Carthy - Lonely Seasons

Megan Mc Carthy Lonely Seasons.jpg


Stephen Jones - There's Always You

Stephen Jones There's always you.jpg


Jim Jenkin - Native Souls

Jim Jenkin Native Souls.jpg




Art Owens - All

Art Owens All.jpg


Jim Jenkin - Lullabye Bye

Jim Jenkin Lullabye Bye.jpg



Jim Jenkin - Underwater

Jim Jenkin Underwater.jpg


Asbjorn Rodberg - Celtic Spain

Asbjorn Rodberg Celtic Spain.jpg


Stephen Jones - Shangri La

Stephen Jones Shangri La.jpg


Reggie Witty - I Can't Help Myself

Reggie Witty I Can't Help Myself.jpg


Stephen Jones - Spacey

Stephen Jones Spacey.jpg


Paul Hoppe&Takahiro Masuda&Brice Cross - Sunshine on your Love

Paul Hoppe Taka Masuda Brice Cross - Sunshine on your love.jpg


Peter Papp- Little Red Roaster

Peter Papp Little Red Roaster.jpg


Franck Szypura - Spicy Francky Blues

Franck Szypura Spicy Francky Blues.jpg


Valentin Vasilev - Weeping Guitar in the Rain

Valentin Vasilev Weeping guitar in the rain.jpg


Terry Hall - Love You

Terry Hall Love You.jpg


Stephen Jones - The Pump

Stephen Jones The Pump.jpg


Dirk Möller - Spring Awakening

Dirk Möller Spring Awakening.jpg



Lostjonny - Miridia

Lost jonny Miridia.jpg


Lars Johannes Johansen - Jamalong

Lars JOhannes Johansen Jamalong.jpg


Wild&Welsh - Age Of Reason

Wild&Welsh Age Of Reason.jpg


Lars Johannes Johansen - Up On The Hill

Lars JOhannes Johansen Up On the Hill.jpg




Stephen Jones - Feelings

Stephen Jones Feelings.jpg


Lars Johannes Johansen - Fanda Dans

Mars Johannes Johanson Fanda Dans.JPG


Astro Connect - Space Symphony

Astro Connect Space Symphony.jpg


Sharaina Jaleh & Jesse Belvin Jr - Make Me Wanna Holler

Sharaina Jaleh  & Jesse Belvin Blues.jpg


Melvin Donovan & Kent Taylor - Anytime Anywhere

Melvin Donovan Anytime Anywhere.jpg


Monica Bergo - Tu Solo Puoi

Monica Bergo Tu Solo Puoi.jpg


Stephen Jones - Funky G

Stephen Jones Funky G.jpg


Curt Smith - "Black Cow" & "Home At Last"

Curt Smith Black Cow.jpg


Kathy Shortt - Cry Me a River

Kathy Shortt Cry me A river.jpg


Lars Johannes Johansen - Experimental improvisation 

Lars Johan Johaness Experimental improvisation.JPG


Jan Alrid Skjostad - Starchild

Jan Alrid Skjostad Starchild.jpg


Peter Papp - Terrapin

Peter Papp Terrapin.jpg


Jim Jenkin - Those UV's Aren't Too Groovy

Jim Jenkin Those Uv.jpg


Dr Protool - Gone

Dr Protool Gone.jpg


Franck Szypura - Shaking In Blue

Franck Szypura Shaking In Blue.jpg


André Smit - Just Let It Go

André Smit Just Let It Go.gif


Michael Poynter - Thursday's Child

Michael Poynter Thursday's Child.jpg


Monica Bergo - Il Cantastorie

Monica Bergo Il Cantastorie.jpg


Jim Jenkin - Dominoes 

JIm Jenkin Dominoes.jpg


Diane &Staffan Ridaeus - Somebody like you

Diane &Staffan Ridaeus Somebody Like You.jpg


Staffan Fenander - Music for Winter Stars

Staffan Fenander Music for Winter Stars.jpg


Jim Jenkin - Southwestern Space

Jim Jenkin Southwestern Space.jpg


Stephen Jones - Marooned

Stephen Jones Marooned.jpg


Takahiro Masuda & Guenter Sieling - Empty Rooms

Tka and Guenter Empty Rooms.jpg

Guenter Sieling - White Birds

Guenter Sieling White Birds.jpg


Peter Murr - Delving into the darker side of the spectrum

Peter Murr Delving into the darker side of the spectrum.jpg



Monica Bergo - Come un fiore

Monica Bergo Come e fiori.jpg


Merv Perry - Undercover Agent For The Blues

Merv Perry Undercover Agent for The Blues.jpg


Franck Szypura - Pop Ballad

Frack Szypura Pop Ballad.jpg


Kaiboard - Ison

Kaiboard Ison.jpg


Valentin Vasilev - Tenderness 

Valentin Vasilev Tenderness.jpg


Doug Steigerwald - Blues Before Sunrise

Doug Steigerwald Blus before Sunrise.jpg


Careless with Vinyl - Why did you do and did you say ?

Careless with Vynil - Why did you do.jpg


Stephen Jones - Whye Aye Man

Stephen Jones Whye Aye Man.jpg






Stephen Jones - Zoot Allures A Franck Zappa

Stephen Jones Zoot Allures A F Zappa.jpg


Rick Knoop - Fear

Mike Wadlow Ipad Production.jpg


Staffan Fenander, Hervé Southman, Cyril Eudes - Sabine

Staffan Fenander Hervé Southman - Sabine.JPG


Dirk Möller - Christmas Sadness

Dirk Möller Encore Plaisir.jpg


Melvin Donovan - Best Wishes

Melvin Donovan Best Wishes.jpg


Jony Tomelin - The Sounds of Silence

Jony Tomelin The Sounds of Silence.jpg


Monica Bergo - La più bella del reame

Monica Bergo La Piu Bella.jpg



Peter Murr - Moving On

Peter Murr Moving Up.jpg


Melvin Donovan & Michel Gypen - Best Wishes 1

Melvin Donovan & Michel Gypen Best Wishes 1.jpg


Stig Borsheim - Arise my beautiful dove, part II

Stig Borsheim Arise the Dove part 2.jpg





John Styles - Peace At Last

John Styles Peace at Last.jpg


Tompaz - Cherokee Bay

Tompaz Cherokee Bay.jpg


BiBI Shi BiBI Bit - Relax

BiBI Shi Relax.jpg



Dirk Möller - Asian Sunsets

Dirk Möller Encore Plaisir.jpg


Steve Bathurst - Lunatic Fringe

Steve Bathurst Lunatic Fringe.jpg


Jayashanker Narasimhan - Sundari Nene Nuvvanta

Jayashanker Nuvvata.jpg


Rare - Spacespinn

Rare Spacespinn.jpg


Bob Clements - Timeslip

Bob Clements Timeslip.jpg


Takahiro Masuda & Pierre Rosique - Behind The Mirror

Takahiro Masuda & Pierre Rosique Behind the Mirror.jpg


Hyls - Persian

Hyls Persian.jpg


Don Depaola - Beauty in many Colours

Don Depaola Beauty in Many Colours.jpg


Jack Langevelt - Survival Crusader

Jack Langevelt Crusader.jpg


Rachel Rae & And AWan - The Old Field

Rachel Rae The Old Fields.jpg



Ronald Fulton - This Train By

Ronald Fulton Train by.jpg



Stephen Jones - Sailing to Philadelphia

Stepen Jones Sailing to Philadelphia.jpg


Valentin Vasilev - Deep from my Soul

Valentin Vasilev Deep from my Soul.jpg


Hilde Svensrud & Sifu Black - Summer Nights of Love 

Hilde Svendsrud & Sifu Black Summer Nights of Love.jpg



Doug Steigerwald - Parchment Farm

Doug Steigerwald Parchment Farm.jpg


Franck Szypura - Japa Magic

Franck Szypura Japa Magic.jpg



Peter Murr - Garden of God's Beauty

Peter Murr Garden of God'S Beauty.jpg


Michel Gypen - Tribute to the Pink Floyd

Michel Gypen Tribute to Pink Floyd.jpg


Don DePaola - Nothing is permanent except change

Don De Paola Nothing is permanent except change.jpg


Melvin Donovan - Astray

Melvin Donovan Astray.jpg


Stephen Jones - Tribute to Delta Blues Players

Stephen Jones Tribute to Delta Blues Players.jpg


Bluesky26 - The Dark Stairs

Bluesky 26 The Dark Stairs.jpg



Dr Protool - Consurgo

Dr Protool Consurgo.jpg


Rick Knoop - Wounded Pt. 2 Hitomi

Rick Knoop Wounded Pt 2 Hitomi.jpg



Roger/B-Train - Blues with Tom Adams

Roger Chandler Blues with Tom Adams.jpg


Dick Barnes - Young Man

Dick Barnes Young Man.jpg






Paul Hoppe - The Lonesome Rider

Paul Hoppe The LOnesome Rider.jpg


  Giulietta Juliet Valenti and Dominique Ventura - Did I say to you

Giulietta and Dominique.jpg


George Dragazis - Just The Rain

George Dragazis Just the rain.jpg


Mark Jeffery Campayno - I Got You Blues

Mark Jeffery Campayno I Got The Blues.jpg


Tedd Vanwagner - Everything

Tedd Vanwagner Halloween.jpg


Staffan Fenander - Alabama song

Staffan Fenander Alabama song.png


Hilde Svendsrud- Annemiek Beex- HG Schmitz - Major Minor

Hilde Svendsrud Major Minor.jpg


Danny Roffe - Lydian Dream

Danny Roffe Lydian Dream.jpg


John Wegner - I am Television

John Wegner I am Television.jpg


George Dragazis - Just The Rain

George Dragazis Just the rain.jpg



SmogBaby - Approval

SmogBaby Approval.jpg


John Styles & Matt Baker - Equinoxe Cover

John Styles & Matt Baker Equinoce Cover.jpg



Asbjorn Rodberg - Believe

Asbjorn Rodberg Believe.jpg


Gary Russel - Summertime Cover

Gary Russel Summertime.jpg


John Wegner - Zdzislaw

John Wegner Zdzislaw.JPG


Kaiboard - Circle of Life

Kaiboard Circle of Life.jpg


Franck Szypura - Tears of the Heart

Franck Szypura Tears of The Heart.jpg


Melvin Donovan - About Fellowship

Melvin Donovan About Fellowship.jpg



Robert Kent - Seventh Dream of Winter

Robert Kent Sevent Dream Of Winter.jpg

Lisa Gil - Creep - Radiohead Cover

Lisa Gil Creep.jpg


Paul Hoppe - Acoustic Blues

Paul Hoppe Acoustic Blues.jpg



HG Schmitz - Hip Hop In Aspic

HG Schmitz -Hip Hop In Aspic.jpg







Dijana Zupanovic - Hope there's Someone

Dijana Zupanovic Hope there's someone.jpg


Danny Roffe & John Beagley - Silent Thought

Danny Roffe Silent Thought.jpg


Franck Szypura - Where's the Crossroad

Franck Szypura The Crossroad.jpg


Stephen Jones - St Tropez Jazz Fusion

Stepen Jones St Tropez.jpg



Danny Roffe- StarDance

Danny Roffe Star Dance.jpg


Sifu Blake - Friend of Mine 

Sifu Black Friend of mine.jpg



Stig Borsheim - Arise

Stig Borsheim Arise.jpg




Doug Steigergerwald - Sitting on The Top Of The World

Doug Steigerwald Sitting on the top of the world.jpg

Asbjorn Rodberg - Appen

Asbjorn Rodberg Appen.jpg


John Forlini - Let It Fly

John Forlini Let It Try.jpg


Hervé Southman & Arthur Owens

Hervé Southman & Arthur Owens.jpg


BiBi Shi - Sun Drum

BiBi Shi SunDrum.jpg

André Smit - Right Now

André Smit Right nOw.jpg


Stephen Jones - Another Yew 

Stephen Jones Another Yew.jpg



Dual KOrds - Walking in the Street

Dual Kords Walking in the street.jpg



Danny Roffe - Guess Who 

Danny Roffe Guess Who.jpg

BiBi Shi Bibibit - Dragon Life

BiBI Shi Dragon Life.jpg


Jony Tomelin & Willard Ribeiro - THe Old Tree

Jony Tomelin & Willard Ribeiro Old Tree.jpg


Stephen Jones - Fletcher Memorial Home

Stephen Jones Fletcher Memorial Home.jpg



George Dragazis - Summertime 

George Dragazis Summertime.jpg



Stephen Jones - Comfortably Numb

Stephen Jones Comfortably Numb.jpg



Doug Steigerwald & Annemiek Beex - Master Peace

Doug Steigerwald & Annemiek Beex Master piece.jpg



AOUT 2013


Hilde Svendsrud - Dance Around The World

Hilde Svendsrud Dance around the world.jpg


Peter Murr - Blooze 3

Peter Murr Blooz 3.jpg


Michael Poynter -Hypnos

Michael Pynter Hypnos.jpg



Dirk Möller - Encore Plaisir

Dirk Möller Encore Plaisir.jpg

Kaiboard - Van Allen Echoes 

Kaiboard Van Allen Echoes.jpg


Franck Szypura - Sunday Slow Blues

Franck Szypura Sunday Slow Blues.jpg

Michael Wadlow - Find your way

Michael Wadlow Find your way.jpg

Dual Kords - You Are Beautiful

Dual Kords You Are beautiful.jpg

Hunter Craig - City Girl

Hunter Craig City Girl.jpg

Jamie Gael - A Thousand Tear Drops

Jamie Gael A thousand Tear Drops.JPG

Takahiro Masuda - Wonderful World (Cover)

Takahiro Masuda Bill Watkins One time.jpg

Stephen Jones - Entre Dos Aguas

Stephen Jones Entre Dos Aguas.jpg

Jw Overton - Slow Ballad

Jw Overton Slow Ballad.jpg

Karen-Wilhelmina Anderson - You're Leaving

Karen Wilhelmina Anderson You're leaving.jpg

Jony Tomelin - Soap

Jony Tomelin Soap.jpg



Roger Chandler - Back Seat Blue's

Roger Chandler Back Seat Blue's.jpg

Don De Paola - Loch Ness

Don De Paola Loch Ness.jpg

Takahiro Masuda - Talk to the Wind (King Crimson Cover)

Takahiro Masuda Talk to the Wind.jpg

Euphoriqa - For Hemmo 

Euphoriqa For Hemmo.jpg


Hyls & Lisa VonH - New Morning

Hyls & Lisa VonH New Morning.jpg

Don DePaola - Reflections 

Don DePaola Reflections.jpg


Paul Hoppe & Dual Kords - Wicked Games

Paul Hoppe & Dual Kords Wicked Games.jpg

Valentin Vasilev - Valentin's Compilation Smooth and Silky Jazzy

Valentin Vasilev Smooth and Silky Jazzy.jpg



Michael Wadlow - Vortumnus

Michael Wadlow VOrtumnus.jpg

Manny Leigh & Hawkdream - Space Symphony

Manny Leigh Space Symphony.jpg



Lee Lucas & Lavallin - Solsbury Hill 

Lee Lucas & Lavallin - Solsbury Hill.jpg


Merriman's Ghost - I See

Merryman's Ghost I See.jpg


Robert Kent - Anasazi

Robert Kent Anasazi.jpg



Don De Paola - The Mermaids

Don De Paola The Mermaids.jpg


Darcy Jeavons & Alani Claire & Matthew Darren Nuss - I'm gonna Tell

Darcy Jeavons I'm gonna tell.jpg

Paul Hoppe - 2000 Light Years

Paul Hoppe 2000 light Years.jpg


Rex Sunmoon - Too Close to the Sun

Rex Sunmoon Too Close to the Sun.jpg

Merv Perry - Cocaïne cover

Merv Perry Cocaïne.jpg

Franck Szypura - Fall in Blues

Franck Szypura Fall in Blues.jpg

Michael Poynter - Original Song

Michael Poynter Original song.jpg

Valentin Vasilev - Crying Smooth and Silky Fingers

Valentin Vasilev Crying smooth and Silky Fingers.jpg



The Chris Black Project - Useless

Chris Black Project Useless.jpg

Michael Wadlow - Hat Refracted Memories

Michael Wadlow Hat.jpg

Franck Szypura - Lost in the Blues with Francky

Franck Szypura Lost in the Blues.jpg



 Isabel De Felice - I Go to Sleep

Isabel de Felice I go to sleep.jpg


HG Schmitz Stefan Holbek Sirens on the Roof.jpeg

Paul Hoppe - For Natalya

Paul Hoppe For Natalya.jpg


Staffan Fenander - The Sun Ain't gonna shine Anymore

Staffan Fenander The sun Ain't gonna shine anymore.jpg

Lee Lucas - The Long Night

Lee Lucas The Long Night.jpg

Franck Szypura - Old Roots Blues

Franck Szypura Old Roots Blues.jpg

Hans-Jörg Lorenz- Orange 1 Ambrosia II

Hans Jörgen Lorenz Orange 1 Ambrosia 2.jpg

Takahiro Masuda - Black Bird

Takahiro Masuda Black Bird.jpg

Sue Kent - New Love


Takahiro Masuda - Mother Nature Son

Valentin Vasilev - Laguna Beach

Franck Szypura - Rockin Impro

Stephen Jones - April Joy


Songsmith66- Guitar Bandit Battle Entry


Isabel De Felice -Purple Rain

Danny Roffe - Your Smile


Peter Murr - Tears for 3rd World


Michel Gypen - Sinister Duskiness


George Dragazis - Equinox


JUIN 2013

Don Depaola - Lady of the Trees

Valentin Vasilev - Cher- Dov' l'amore

Remco Heemskerk - Blues Shuffle in G

 JANVIER 2013 


Michel Gypen 


Pink Floyd Concert stylish Trilogy "AN ETHEREAL DESTINY" . Michel Gypen style with inescapable Pink Floyd influences. 


 Dirk M.Moller  

 First Monument - A Sunny Winter Morning 



C J Rogers 

C.J Rogers est un musicien luxembourgeois.

Né dans une famille de musiciens, il a baigné dans la musique dès son plus jeune age en assimilant le jeu d'instruments aussi divers que le piano, la trompette, le saxophone, la batterie... 


 Il a commencé à s'intéresser à la musique électronique au début des années 80, fasciné par les multiples possibilités d'expression offertes par la musique de synthèse.


CJ.Rogers a produit son premier album à la fin de la décennie 90.


Je vous invite à découvrir ses superbes créations musicales sur son site personnel C J Rogers





Lee Lucas & Lavallin - Watcher of the Skies 



 Franck Szypura- Francky Blues Live 



  Danny Roffe - Guitar 



Isabel De Felice - The Stairway to Heaven 




Kaiboard - Morte et Dabo  




Hyls - They come in dreams 




Louis Hauser - Oracle 




Valentin Vasilev - Hotel California 





Eva Jones - Never Let Me Go 





Isabel De Felice - Hallelujah 



James Noble - Strangled on the way to the Box 



Valentin Vasilev - Smooth March on the Beach 



Franck Szypura - Doubt Blues 



Adrian Porter - C3 Church Lausane 



Harry Kiianen - For The Murderers 



Remco Heemskerk - JoBo Blues 



Violonist Condy - Rolling in the Deep 



Jaan Reim - In memoriam for my Brother 






Danny Roff - Ish Summer Song 



Leesa Godlevsky - Moments 



Ed Holton - As The Deer 



Peter Travers - Softspace Orbit 



Franck Szypura - Sheraton Blues 



Tedd Vanwagner - Old Folks Boogie 



Norio Sakurada - Tokyo Spring Color 



Tommy Lindman - Faith 



Remco Heemskerk - Strat Blues 



Russell Morrison - Easy Going Kind Of Fellow 



Antonio Perez Muniz - Alhambra 



Else Van Der Greft 



Russell Morrison - Corprate Greed 



Megan Adkins - Across the Universe 



Peter Travers - Soft Space Abstract 



George Dragazis - Miss Nostalgia



Danny Roff - Drifting 



Valentin Vasilev - Gently and Smoothly 



Fabrizio Brua - Beat Jungle 



Remco Heemskerk - Memphis Blues 



Akua Kamau - Guitar 



George Dragazis - The Messiah will come again 



Takahiro Masuda - It's Alright, I'm Alright 



Franck Szypura - Blues in F 



Dijana Zupanovic - Revive 



Staffan Fenander - My Name is Death 



Larry Gardner - Just an Oregon Song 



Valentin Vasilev - Deep from my heart and soul 





Ricardo Osborne - Just The Two of Us 



Rich Knoop - The Dreamer 



J.Condado, X.Monzón, P.Herrero - It Hurts me Too 



Michael Poynter - Original song 



Dominique Ventura - If you go away 



Kim Lightyear - A Heart with your name on it 



Perry Fair - I love you more t han you'll ever know 



Valentin Vasilev - The Pump 



NIcole Tremblay Eva Jones - November 



Daniel G Lucero - DSun 



Isabel De Felice - Help 


Masaro Tonari - Bobo Bun 



Anita Bekkelund - A King's Funeral 


Eugen Volosciuc - Foo Fighter Everlong Cover 


Claes Pauli Jakobsen - Swampyland 


Cynthia A Roy - Don't stop Believin 



Valentin Vasilev - Valentin Soft Touch 



Franck Szypura - Francky Slow Blues In G 



Stu "Bear" Beitler -The Hand You Are Dealt 



Anita Bekkelund - Gone 



Eva Jones - Crossroads 



Danny Roffe - King Acoustic Guitar Solo 



Roger Chandler - Seductiv's Blues 


Ed Holton - Evening Tones 



Rich Knoop - Rich Journey 



Valentin Vasilev and fellow - Acousticaly Smoothly Mood 



Harold Flood - Live Performance 



Norio Sakurada - Slow Time 


Joyce Walsh - Imagine 



Shield The Sun - Destination Mars 



Michael Wadlow - Virtual Feeling 



CJ Rogers - Freaky 



Dirk Möller - Universe Finale 



Adrian Porter - """" 



Jocke Nihlén - Come To Me 



Richard Knoop - Fear 



Stu "Bear" Beitler - Rings in her Hair 



CJ Rogers - Vision 



Valentin Vasilev - I will always love you 



Peter Papp - I got D Blues 



Erik Husemoen - Collab with Hilde and others friends 



MARS 2013 

Franck Szypura - Grandma with the Floyd 



Mike Wadlow - Ipad Production 



Fritz Mayr - Dance with the Wolf 



Dirk Möller - Big Drone 



Johan Tronestam - Recognition 



Wendy Suzanne - Lodi 



James Walton - Wind Beneath my wings 



Roger Chandler - Eye of The Dark 



Nigel Healy - Jesu, Joy of man 



Mark Campayno - Pretty as you 



Melody Dawn Town - Time and Space 



Franck Szypura - Funny Blues 



Ed Holton - When the Sun goes down 



Yum & Aldo Circkovic - The Jasmine 



Isabel De Felice - My Heart will go on 



Hawkdream - Further than the Eye can see 



Hervé Southman - Collab with Lisa and Cyril 



Ger Led - Belly Kiss 



Claes Pauli Jakobsen - Leigh Ann 



Sticky Sugar Hopkins - Vinita 



Michael Wadlow - Collaboration 



Steve Watchorn - Some Guys Do 



Dan Mitchell - Vincent 



John Forlini - A different Approach 



Sticky Sugar Hopkins - Hello 



Eva Kumant - People Help the People 



George Dragazis - Le Miroir 



Melody Dawn Town - Body & Soul 



Franck Szypura - Groovy Blues 



Gary Russell - Unforgettable 



John Forlini -From The Depths 



Kari Tieger - The Ocean 


JouLe Tallman - Working for my enemy 



Hervé Southman - Meet Alpha Hydrae 



Jaja - Gravity 



Franck Szypura - Pink Francky Floyd 



Danny Roffe - Pink Floyd Style Jam 



AVRIL 2013





Keith Adkins - Night Stranger 



Christine Lanusse - Untitled 



Nancy Burridge - Dust in the Wind 



Michael Freidank - Crystal World 



HG Schmitz - The origine of creatures 



John Wegner - Relentless 



Sticky Sugar Hopkins - Loved you 



Guy Morgan - In my Mind's Eye 



Dijana Zupanovic - This Thicking World 



Jan Alrid Skjostad - Love and light 



Fritz Mayr - Floating 



Franck Szypura - Sweet Cool and Lazy Blues 



Pierre Delalune - Longtown 



Aimée Sullivan - Fairy Tales and Dreams 



Mike Gravis - Dominoes 



Drastik Katz - Fool's Regret 



Michael Wadlow - Closure 



Anders Odén -Close To the Sky


Antonio Perez Muniz - Tao


Franck Szypura - Somewhere Between Blues and Rock


Nancy Burridge - Ave Maria


Kathie Bluesmamma - Lowdown and Dirty


Lisa Gill - Free of Me


Alexandre Mello - Acoustic piece


Franck Szypura - Funny Rythm


Joni Dalimood - Simpsonpathy for the Devil


Jan Arild Skjostad - The Search goes on


MAI 2013

Claes Pauli Jakobsen - Over Again


Remco Heemskerk -Reggae Blues


Elena Stepanova - Experimental Electronic


Ron Smeral - Silly Sweet Sad Song


Ron Smeral - The Distant Sun


Josko Sevo Doc - Hot' Lanta


Cindy Tong - Opus 17 (from Marie Antoinette)


Megan Mc Carthy - Take my Hand


Merriman's Ghost - What have we become my oldest


Halcyon Daze - Chinese Horsemen in Space


Smog Baby - It's for her


Tahiro Masuda&Bill Watkins - One Time


Danny Roffe & Pierre Rosique - The Journey to Gliese


 George Dragazis - The Difficult Road


John Wegner -Wilde Temptation


Michael Kaminis - Ruby for Free

Valentin Vasilev - Tribute to Gary Moore

Valentin Vasilev - Sade "Smooth Operator"


Channon Reed - Those UV's are'nt too groovy 1990


Peter Murr - I've just woken

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