Le Synthédiseur, Synthé d\'Ici et d\'Ailleurs

Le Synthédiseur, Synthé d\'Ici et d\'Ailleurs

2 - The Oort Cloud -The concert 2015 Part 2 - Released September 2019

2 - The Oort Cloud -The concert 2015 Part 2 - Released September 2019

Composition, synthesizers, mixing, Text, Lyrics and Graphic-Art by Pierre Rosique

Featuring by order of apparition:

-Joan Berly (USA), Singer

-Valentin Vasilev (Bulgary), Guitar

-Hans Schmitz (Germany),  Drums, Guitar, Strings and Saxo


2 - Releases 2019 - The Concert 2015 Part 2 with Joan Berly Valentin Vasilev Hans Schmitz.jpg


Texts and Lyrics:

EVE song (sung by Joan Berly)

I am Eve I am going away

I take off with new earth which carries me I go away

I am leaving I release the ropes and embark on this freed earth

Last regards Last viewing of this world which once was made just for me

Where are you taking me Where are you leading me

Toward new happy days radiant suns tell me, tell me, tell me say me

I am Eve I go away on this flown away earth I am leaving last regards I go away I am Eve 

 Love yourself And the Sky will love you



 H: love me today F: I shall do it tomorrow

H: And if I was not still there? F: I shall pursue my way

 H: You are already so far H: You passed in my life as an angel You lasted what last the angels The time of a smile The time of a sigh

 F: I was born here to be somewhere else

 H: I left this somewhere else empty of you

 F: I am locked into my freedom

H: I am freed from your dead love

 F: Are we happy now? Are we sad? H: I do not know, the happiness be frightened

 F: I do not know, I do not know any more, I am disturbed

 H: Like you today, like I F tomorrow

 F: and if my night was eternal?

H: I do not hear you any more, I hear nothing more, even the waves which flow back in my soul, nothing more, nothing more Be happy wherever whom you are


ALL POSSIBLES ( Pierre Rosique)
Break the mirror and dash in the big night, walk, walk in front of one, all night long, then stop finally. Everything is possible for whom wants to believe it. Mix the beatings of his heart with the stars vibrations, the shivers of his soul in the bright morning songs. Everything is possible for whom cultivates the hope. When the doubt assails you, when the punishment submerges you, when the pain brings down you, smile, smile still. Light on joy fires in the eyes of your loved. Say them that the way is clear, that a brilliant future waits for them, that the clock is lazy, that it is not even the hour, that rivers are clear and joyful. Say them that flowers are opening by one thousand in fields, that birds sing in foliage. Say them that everything is in order in the men big house. Say them for what they hope and then go there slowly, noiselessly, not to wake them. Everything is possible, the worst coach do not erase the best.


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