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Les sites incontournables

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Mes Albums Musicaux

Enter in my Space Worlds : Orion

The Walker and The Sleeper

Vortex of Loves

Project "Life is Dance interpreted Out Of Time": Matrix Musicians

Enter my Space Worlds Part 2

Project 2016: CD "Life is a dance interpreted out of time

Nights Foam

The Dance Floor Session 2

The Dance Floor Session 1

Magnetic Dark Fields

Sometimes Angels Die

Collaboration Step One

Space Addiction

The Space Serenity Factories

The White Nights

Game Over for Wonderland

Spirit Borealis and Other Tales


Album Feast¤Ness¤No¤Stress

10¤Cap to the East

9¤ Your Identity is in your Tears

¤7-Hybride Love


¤5-Hey You!

¤4-The Egg

¤3-Desire for Poppies

¤2-Superior Floors and Lower Loves


Album The Jamming Cuckoo Nights

4¤-The Cuckoo Jamming Sessions - Session 4

3¤-The Cuckoo Jamming Sessions - Session 3

2¤The Jamming Cuckoo Nights -Session 2

1¤The Jamming Cuckoo Nights - Session 1

The Solar Sessions

9-The Solar Sessions- Session 9¤Red Balloons

8-The Solar Sessions- Session 8 ¤ Sun Hidden Side

6-The Solar Sessions¤Session 6-Solar Influencies

Solar Insomnia

1¤The Solar Sessions -Pulsatove Live - Session 1

2¤The Solar Sessions - You Are solar -Session 2

3 ¤The Solar Sessions - Session 3 - Don't Face the Sun

Album Travels through Vintagie

6-Welcome In Vintagie- The Blue Butterflies Night

10-Welcome in Vintagie-Run Away

9-Welcome in Vintagie-Sandy Thoughts

8-Welcome in Vintagie-The Big 8

7-Welcome in Vintagie-The Impatient

5-A So Long Hatching

4-Welcome in Vintagie- The Past Lights

3-Welcome in Vintagie-The Pleasure Dome

2-Welcome in Vintagie-No Rage No Cage

1-Travels Through Vintagie- Precious Run Off the Road

Album Happy

9-Happy Even If - The Long Oriental Nights

8-Happy Even If - ROndines et COntines

7-Happy Even If- Mad Fanfares in Paradise

6-Happy Even If - Happydermix Reaction

5-Happy Even If - Whispers at Synthesizeur's Ears

4-Happy Even If-The Not Interrupted Communication

3-Happy Even If -Pigs Ate All the Magic Mushrooms

2-Happy Even If-The Api Roads

1-Happy Even If - Clean Windows

Album Warm Ices

10 - Warm Ices - Run If You can

7 -Warm Ices - Black Matter and the White Lady

9- Warm Ices - Are You Aeropositive

8 - Warm Ices - Radio Rains

6-Warm Ices - The Black Widow

5-The Warm Ices - The Interrupted Dreams

4-Warm Ices - The Pink Machine Choir

3-Warm Ices - Full Madness (FM) & Providential Regret (PR)

2-Warm Ices -Emperors without Empire

1-Warm Ices - Hello SunSheene

Album Journeys -Release 2019

5 - Lover Man In Tubular Spaces - Featuring Sue Clayton

4 - The Oort Cloud 6Th Chapter 1 - Strength & Fragility - Release 2019

2 - The Oort Cloud -The concert 2015 Part 2 - Released September 2019

3 - Journeys - The Journey To Gliese 581 G

1 -Journeys - The Journey to Calisto

Album SynthetiK Rocks

9 - SynthetiK Rocks - I'm So Excited With YOU

8 - SynthetiK RocKs - Transient Loves

7 - SynthetiK Rocks - I Remember BiKiNiRoa

6 - Synthetik Rocks - Loving With a Slow Heart

5 -Synthetik Rock - FracK-Tall RocK

3 - Synthetik Rocks - Stars in Beggar Hands

2 - SynthetiK Rocks - Don't Let The Robots Going Away with the Last Word

1 - SynthetiK Rocks - This Silence in the Black Hole Nights

4 - SynthetiK Rocks - What Shoes for that RocK

Album In Prog We Trust

8 - In Prog We Trust - Take a Long Breath

10 - In Prog We Trust - The Synthes War Will Not Happen

7 - In Prog We Trust - The Seven Moons

6 - In Prog We Trust - The Contact

9- In Prog We Trust - The Light of the Shadow

4 - In Prog We trust - A Simple Shout

5 - In Prog We Trust - Dreams in Astral KataKombs

3 - In Prog We trust - What About Her Thoughts

2 - In Prog We Trust - The Flight Number 15748 to Athens

1 - In Prog We Trust - Turtles Love Colours

Album HellTroniX

8 - Helltronix - Addicted

5 - HellTroniX - The Empty Heaven

6 - HellTroniX - The Lost Code

3 - HellTronix - Thank You

2 - HellTroniX - A Dance Life With You

1 - HellTroniX - Robot on the Roof

Album Digital Avenue

2 - Digital Avenue - Street Art Mood

8 -Digital Avenue - Show me the Way To Axel

10 Bonus- Digital Avenue - Dare Happiness - Instrumental Extended Version

10 - Digital Avenue - Dare Happiness

4 - Digital Avenue - Empty Streets

5 - Digital Avenue - On The Top of the Roof

7 - Digital Avenue - The Empty Frame

6 - Digital Avenue - Night Songes

3 - Digital Avenue - In the Vision of the Dark Night

1 - Digital Avenue - Dark Show Cases

2 - Digital Avenue - Street-Art Mood

Album Behind The Scenes

9 - Behind the Scenes - The Remoteness Futur

8 - Behind The Scenes - The Wild & The Soft

7 - Behind The Scenes - The Moon and Its Silence

4 - Behind The Scenes - She Is a Bella Rock Lady

6 - Behind The Scenes - Game Over

5 - Behind The Scenes - The Uncontrolled Space Nights

3 - Behind The Scenes - Steppe By Step

2 - Behind The Scenes - Tell Me Tomorrow

1 - Behind the Scenes - Whisper my Pain

Album Open Your Bag

8 - Open Your Bag - A Desire Of Moon

7 - Open Your Bag - The Flight of the Dragonfly

6 - Open Your Bag -The Invisible Light

5 - Open Your Bag - Is That Girl A Bellatrix ?

4 - Open Your Bag - Rocking With Euterpe

3 - Open Your Bag - Out Of This World

2 - Open Your Bag - Saucer Echo

1 - Open Your Bag - Nothing Today Except...

Album Noises & Whispers

9 -Noises & Whispers - Far From The Lost City

8 - Noises & Whispers - The Days after the Last Bells

7 - Noises & Whispers - Between the Two Moons

6 -Noises & Whispers - A Solo Life

5 - Noises & Whispers - Turn Me Relax

4 - Noises & Whispers - She Felt Love

3 - Noises & Whispers - Des Cadences

2 - Noises & Whispers - The Unbearable Lightness of Being

1 - Noises & Whispers - Stars In Your Hands

Album Mémoires d'Outre-Sons

9 - Mémoires d'Outre-Sons - Date With the Devil

8 - Mémoires d'Outre-Sons - Offer Rythm to Your Life

7 - Mémoires d'Outre-Sons - The Grain of Sand

6 - Mémoires d'Outre-Sons - The Waiting

5 - Mémoires d'Outre-Sons - (Mi+O)*rages

4 - Mémoires d'Outre-Sons - A Rockmantic Affair

3 - Mémoires d'Outre-Sons - On the Paths of Oblivion

2 -Mémoires D'Outre-Sons - Are You Still Upppppppppp

1 - Mémoires d'Outre-Sons - Swan Desires

Album The Insider

7 -The Insider - DEhumanized

9 - The Insider - Tell Me Something Beautiful

8 - The Insider - In Her Eyes

6 - The Insider - At the Whim of the Unforgettable

5 -The Insider - Sunny Exuberances

4 - The Insider - Behind The Doors Dreams

3 - The Insider - Out of the Out

2 -The Insider - Son In Nightalgia

1 - The Insider - Hot Summer

Album The Trans Worlds Express

5 - The Trans Worlds Express - A Sail on the Rails

4 - The Trans Worlds Express - One Train Can Hide One Other

3 - The Trans Worlds Express - Open Tomb to Paradise

2 - The Trans Worlds Express - Some Departures are Harder Than Others

1 - The Trans Worlds Express - A Ticket for Theys - Athens

Album Music For All Music For Walls

10 - Music For All Music For Walls - Happiness in Urgency

9 - Music For All Music For Walls - Love With Gloves

8 - Music For All Music For Walls - The Butterfly Promise

7 - Music For All Music For Walls - No Sens & Insanity

6 - Music For All Music For Walls - The Equation With Two Beautiful Unknows

5 - Music for All, Music for Walls - The Life in Blue and Yellow

4 - Music For All, Music For Walls - In The Dark Side Of The Light

3 - Music For All, Music For Walls - The Anchor, The Feather and The Free Boat

2 - Music For All Music For Walls - Dancing on a Tsunami with mon Amie Tsu

1 - Music For All Music For Walls - The First Stone in the Empty Space

Album Deep Fields

11 - Deep Fields - Rock & Roads

10 - Deep Fields - The Head in the Stars

9 - Deep Fields - The Beach under the Nebula

8 - Deep Fields - Is That Time For Nothing

7 -Deep Fields - TranZFuzion

6 - Album Deep Fields - Too Bad

5 - Deep Fields - Free Bird

4 - Album Deep Fields - The Fourth Dimension of Your Love

3 - Deep Fields - Space Ride To The Mermaid

2 - Deep Fields - Black (Holes+Matter*Energy)= Where Am I, Where I'm Going

1 - Deep Fields - Under Hubble Eyes

Album Flowers Trip

9 - Flowers Trip - Till The Last Flower

8 - Flowers Trip - Don't Trust The Marguerite

7 - Flowers Trip - For a Cosmos Seed

6 - Flowers Trip - A Fleur d'O

5 - Flowers Trip - Male's Flowers

4 - Flowers Trip - A Smile For A Flower

3 - Flowers Trip - La Sève et la Lave

2 - Flowers Trips - The Roots

1 - Flowers Trip - The Seeds

Album Towns

11 -Towns - My Ode For Odessa

10 - Towns - Les Anges, tout simplement

9 - Towns - La Dame au Hamster ( Oh Amsterdam )

8 - Towns -O!Slowliness & O!Slowlitude

6 - Towns- HÔ de Cologne

7 - Towns - Add Vienne Que Pourra

5 - Towns - Houston We Have a Probleme

4 - Towns - gO gO Chica Go

3 - Towns - On Rhodes Roads

2 - Towns - Je Suis En CORFOU de Toi

1 - Towns - En Flagrant DELHI

Album Summer

6 - Hot Summer - To the Last Golden Grain of Sand

4 - Summer Time - Empty Beaches

5 - Summer Time - Isabella Island

2 - Summer Time -The Wrecking Beach

2 - Summer - Un Eté en Pente Douce

1 - Summer - To Have Been Will Wait

Album Space Attics

9 - Space Attics - Castor Without Pollux

6 - Space Attics - Let the Stars Whisper

5 -Space Attics -The ChristMars Trip

4 - Space Attics - Trying to Find my Way among the Blacked Stars

3 - The Space Attics - Through The Looking Glass

2 - Space Attics - D'ont Open This Travel Box

1 - Space Attics - The Space Whistler

The Oort Cloud

The Oort Cloud Chapter 63th Remixing 2023

Texas Connection

7 - Texas Connection- Dance Party at Ranch 6666

6-Texas Connection - Miracle on Oyster Bay

5 - Texas Connection - New Braunfels

4 - Texas Connection - G.C & Santa Fe

3 - Texas Connection - Lost in the Desert

2 -Texas Connection - Call me a Texan

1 - Texas Connection - A Star or an Angel

Album The Club

4 - The Club - Sorry, I Didn't Mean to Hurt you

3 - The Club - By Invitation Only

The Club 2 Dangerine Dream

1 - The Club - Why this Darkness

Mes Créations

La Création Musicale, plaidoirie pour la musique descriptive

Mes Créations Musicales par thème

I have my Letters Box Behind The Moon

She's Gone To Joan Planet

Glide Stair to Heaven

After The Rainbow

Les Spatiales

Opus Borealis and Other Tales

Mes Vidéos Musicales

Les Histoires naissent dans le cœur des Femmes

Discovering the Moog Subsequent 37

What About UFO Lights

Sleeping Love and Other Tales

The Found Ways

A Forest (The Cure)-Cover by The Foresters- The Video

Clear Sand on your Black Skin

Glide Stairs to Heaven

I Have my Letters Box Behind the Mooooon

"She's Gone To Joan Planet"

The Oort Cloud Concert Part 4 "The Flight to Joan's Planet". Dedicated to the innocent victims of Barbary

The Oort Cloud Concert 2015 Part 3 God Doubts and Enigmatic Man

The Oort Cloud The Concert 2015 Part 3 Step 4 "He Is Alone"

The Oort Cloud The Concert 2015 Part 3 Step "Long Time Coming"

The Oort Cloud The Concert 2015 Part 3 Chaotic Rainbow

The Oort Cloud The Concert 2015 Part 3 Step 1 Solitude

The Oort Cloud Concert 2015 -Part 2

The Oort Cloud 64Th "The Intention"

The Oort Cloud 63Th - The Message and Other Destiny

The Oort Cloud 6Th Chapter 2 "The Sowings"

The Oort Cloud 6Th Chapter 1 "Strenght and fragilities"

The Strange Preacher

The OOrt Cloud 5Th Episode We are not alone

The OORT CLOUD: Doubts, Faith, Hope

The OORT CLOUD: Visions and Illusions

Flight To The Oort Cloud

Time To Leave Astralys - Facing The Oort Cloud


The Galactic Nursery

Blu (Video)

Sara Night Satin Jevo Black Satan (Video)

The White Nights (Video)

The Message in the Red Bottle (Video)

Blued Camel Airlines (Video)

Mes Collaborations musicales

A Forest by...The Forester

Just Charly

Lost Angeles UFO Lights

I Built a Bridge between the Beat and The Queen

After The Rainbow

Mes Collaborations musicales

Paroles et Ecrits

Le Voyage en Octopus

Le Renoncement

My Improbable Music

The Blue Machine

The Lost Ways

Mes Créations musicales

A Mon Fils - For Rémi

For Elsa

¤8- Trance Night Express

Aux Larmes Citoyens

Dessins Abîmés et Bandes Décimées

Tea Best-Ti Nights

The Bass Was Walking

The Power of Love

The Strange and Confused Bot's Roads

A Vintage Life for a Post-Modern Exit

I Want to Know More About GN-z11

Futuristic Lab - Laborious Future

Ali Baba and The Fourteen Clowns

Rachmaninov, Rock Me Nina

A Certain Concept of the THING

Spacific Train

Name a Song and Be Orphan

The Lesson

The Abyss at the Stern-Post

Walking Besides The Bald Runner

The Lost Code

Step by Step, @The Sky

Octobre Bleu

Far Away Promise

Here and So Far

Watch That Girl

The Keyboardist Does What He Wants

Tears on your Shoes

Behind Axelle Eyes

A Strange Message on my TTY

Hello Sunshine

Never Forget

An Other Day with the Hell_Tronaut

Les Tribulations du Doctor Honoré Koza au pays des Camemberts Bleus


The Red Scarf

The Browser of Your Life

Platonix Love

Nothing New to the West

The Long and Smiling Road

You Make Me Feel

The Broken Wings

Press on the Red Button

Take my Hand for the Speed Hours

Take my Hand for the Slow Hours

Angels Life

Mouses in the Cockpit

French KonKon


Isabella Dreams

Seven Stones Garden

Enhance Your Love Scale

I'm Breaking Through

Come Back to Nebula

She Is Sensational

What is Going Wrong

The Buzzer was Out

A Delicious Nothing Which Makes you Happy

Thank you Loved Islands

Marjolaine, You Have a Drone Altitude

Where is my Ronnie Box

Do you Feel your Heart Beating

Meeting on the Wharf

Worn in Cherry

Delivrance for Melody

The AntiCyClown or Two Pierre on Board

The Artronote

The Last Note

You are So Far

The Intervoïd Festival

The Intervoïd Festival

Thanks Lady 16 Welcome Miss 17

Joyeux No Ailes

The Week

Enter in my Space Worlds 2

Clouds Civilization

Dangerine Delices

The Obvious Fact of the Doubt

Nim Road TV

The Crows

The Road

If I Want

This World is Yours

Electronic Clarity and Sacarstic Balayage

Please, Draw me a Future or All Children are Dancing

Empty Decade, True Decadance

W Hydrae

The Impossible Equation ( The Video)

The Impossible Equation

Why are you Focused

Life Under a Streetlight

The Moon was locked from Inside

Influency Convergency Divergency

My Last Travel To Nebula

Shoot, Dance and Forget

J'aime la Nuit Maudite

I Love The Zappa Nights

Io Stays Mute

Outragho Delenda Est

I Don't Know where they Go

The Galleries

Day Off In Falaxy

The Holes

The Transfert

Voices in The Night

You Should Not Walk on the Cat Tail

Somebody Was Pinned on the Stellar Curtain...and then, His Keys Fell in a Deep Silence

Clear Sand on Your Black Skin

Sleeping Love and Other Tales

Glances to the Orange Side

Meeting In The AfterMoon

The Twilight in your Eyes

Isabella is a Beautiful Island and I'm an Happy Castaway

What I have Done with My Dreams

Border Line

Black Crystal

Extra Substance and Nothing...But

Life Under A StreetLight

A Forest (The Cure) Cover

Enter in Space Worlds Part 4

Stellar Brew

The Cage and The Phials (Vidéo)

Dancers on The Hill

The Unmagical Hystery Tour

The Cage and The Phials

The Found Ways

Light Winds Coming

My Noe Ark (Blue Money)

Gravitational Waves 15#09#2014

What New on Homeland

Album "Life is a Dance Interpreted out of Time ": The Horse Girls

Album Proportions & Propensity

8 - Proportions & Propension - The Pink Life

7 - Proportions & Propension - The Passage

6 - Proportions & Propension - The Faulty Joker

4 - Proportions & Propension - Defeated Loves

3 - Propension & Propension - DaDa Rock Trip

2 - Proportions & Propension - Vacuum Power

5 -Proportions & Propension - De Plumes et de Plomb

1 - Proportions and Propensity - 5% or the Universes Collusion

Christopher Holland Martinez

9 - Digital Avenue - Desesperado Rock

8 - HellTronix - Dream about Yourself and Take Off

4 - HellTroniX - Any Beat Anywhere Anytime

December 2018 Alsacian trip - The Magical Christmas Time

Jaquettes d'illustration de mes titres musicaux

Rachmaninov, Rock Me Nina



Upside Down

Enter in my Space Worlds Part 1

2036 in The Outland

Between Two Banks

2036 in the Outland

Nowhere Trains

Dancers on the Hill

The Bald Ballading on O3 Cloud

Electric Mandarin

The Open Fields

A Forest Cover by the Foresters (Joan Berly, Brice Cross, Melvin Donovan and Pierre Rosique): The Trailer

Ron Fulton Music

I have my Letters Box Behind The Mooooooon

I have my Letters Box Behind The Moon

Gliden Stairs To Heaven

The Oort Cloud The Concert 2015 Part 4

Your favourite Graphic-Arts ?

The Oort Cloud The Concert 2015 Part 3 "Long Time Coming"

Have you something to declare

After The Rainbow

The Oort Cloud The Concert 2015 Part 2

The Oort Cloud 64Th The Intention

The Oort Cloud 6Th Chapter 2 "The Sowings"

Camels Don'T Go To Reyjafreak

The Oort Cloud Visions and Illusions

The Oort Cloud Doubt, Faith and Hope

The Flight to the Oort Cloud

Opening To The Oort Cloud

Girls In A Box

Astralys Queen

Rage Against The Dying Of The Light

Let Me Spray Your Flower

The Visitor

Astralys Memory

Quasar On The Run

Alert on K-Bowl Planet

Dream Of Dreams

The Forgotten Souls Factories

Magnetic Black Fields

Star Ship Dancing

The Blind Shuttle

Blue Vibes Beach

Hello It's Me

Dreamy Wall For Nothing

Alice's Journeys

The Galactic Nursery

Whispers On The Stones

Journey To GJ 504 b

Sometimes Angels Die

Voices On The Hill

Deception Bay

The 8Th Gate

SURVIVAL - Official Website

Behind The Mirror

The Take Off

The Seven Gates

Ppetrus on Soundcloud

Mes Pages Musicales