Le Synthédiseur, Synthé d\'Ici et d\'Ailleurs

Le Synthédiseur, Synthé d\'Ici et d\'Ailleurs

Mes Créations musicales

A Smile for a Flower.jpg

A Mon Fils - For Rémi

For Elsa

¤8- Trance Night Express

Aux Larmes Citoyens

Dessins Abîmés et Bandes Décimées

Tea Best-Ti Nights

The Bass Was Walking

The Power of Love

The Strange and Confused Bot's Roads

A Vintage Life for a Post-Modern Exit

I Want to Know More About GN-z11

Futuristic Lab - Laborious Future

Ali Baba and The Fourteen Clowns

Rachmaninov, Rock Me Nina

A Certain Concept of the THING

Spacific Train

Name a Song and Be Orphan

The Lesson

The Abyss at the Stern-Post

Walking Besides The Bald Runner

The Lost Code

Step by Step, @The Sky

Octobre Bleu

Far Away Promise

Here and So Far

Watch That Girl

The Keyboardist Does What He Wants

Tears on your Shoes

Behind Axelle Eyes

A Strange Message on my TTY

Hello Sunshine

Never Forget

An Other Day with the Hell_Tronaut

Les Tribulations du Doctor Honoré Koza au pays des Camemberts Bleus


The Red Scarf

The Browser of Your Life

Platonix Love

Nothing New to the West

The Long and Smiling Road

You Make Me Feel

The Broken Wings

Press on the Red Button

Take my Hand for the Speed Hours

Take my Hand for the Slow Hours

Angels Life

Mouses in the Cockpit

French KonKon


Isabella Dreams

Seven Stones Garden

Enhance Your Love Scale

I'm Breaking Through

Come Back to Nebula

She Is Sensational

What is Going Wrong

The Buzzer was Out

A Delicious Nothing Which Makes you Happy

Thank you Loved Islands

Marjolaine, You Have a Drone Altitude

Where is my Ronnie Box

Do you Feel your Heart Beating

Meeting on the Wharf

Worn in Cherry

Delivrance for Melody

The AntiCyClown or Two Pierre on Board

The Artronote

The Last Note

You are So Far

The Intervoïd Festival

The Intervoïd Festival

Thanks Lady 16 Welcome Miss 17

Joyeux No Ailes

The Week

Enter in my Space Worlds 2

Clouds Civilization

Dangerine Delices

The Obvious Fact of the Doubt

Nim Road TV

The Crows

The Road

If I Want

This World is Yours

Electronic Clarity and Sacarstic Balayage

Please, Draw me a Future or All Children are Dancing

Empty Decade, True Decadance

W Hydrae

The Impossible Equation ( The Video)

The Impossible Equation

Why are you Focused

Life Under a Streetlight

The Moon was locked from Inside

Influency Convergency Divergency

My Last Travel To Nebula

Shoot, Dance and Forget

J'aime la Nuit Maudite

I Love The Zappa Nights

Io Stays Mute

Outragho Delenda Est

I Don't Know where they Go

The Galleries

Day Off In Falaxy

The Holes

The Transfert

Voices in The Night

You Should Not Walk on the Cat Tail

Somebody Was Pinned on the Stellar Curtain...and then, His Keys Fell in a Deep Silence

Clear Sand on Your Black Skin

Sleeping Love and Other Tales

Glances to the Orange Side

Meeting In The AfterMoon

The Twilight in your Eyes

Isabella is a Beautiful Island and I'm an Happy Castaway

What I have Done with My Dreams

Border Line

Black Crystal

Extra Substance and Nothing...But

Life Under A StreetLight

A Forest (The Cure) Cover

Enter in Space Worlds Part 4

Stellar Brew

The Cage and The Phials (Vidéo)

Dancers on The Hill

The Unmagical Hystery Tour

The Cage and The Phials

The Found Ways

Light Winds Coming

My Noe Ark (Blue Money)

Gravitational Waves 15#09#2014

What New on Homeland

Album "Life is a Dance Interpreted out of Time ": The Horse Girls