Le Synthédiseur, Synthé d\'Ici et d\'Ailleurs

Le Synthédiseur, Synthé d\'Ici et d\'Ailleurs

A Forest by...The Forester

A Forest by...The Forester

Hello my friends, Glad to presente here a cover of "A Forest".

This great Hit has been composed by Robert Smith. It's one of the first successes of the group The Cure . It has been published first on a single on April 8th, 1980 by Fiction Records. It appeared then on the albums Seventeen Seconds and Mixed Up.


On board with me here, The Foresters. The Foresters are:

-Joan Berly: spoken words and singing

-Brice Cross: Lead Guitar

-Melvin Donovan: Second guitar

-Jim Jenkin: Singing -Andy Gay: Drums and singing

By me: Scenario concept, synthetizeurs and keys, Electro Bass, Arrangements, mixing and mastering, Graphic-Arts and video.

Great thanks for your listening. Friendly thoughts to you all

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