Le Synthédiseur, Synthé d\'Ici et d\'Ailleurs

Le Synthédiseur, Synthé d\'Ici et d\'Ailleurs

Upside Down

Upside Down: Album Life is a Dance Interpreted Out of Time

Composition, Synthetizeurs, Lyrics and Graphic-Art by Pierre Rosique

Golden Hope.jpg


Lyrics: Upside Down


The Heart to the West

The Smile in the corner

Futur at half-mast

Eyes to cry

The head back to front

Desire for moreover

Upside Down


The furtive ear

 Step too high

The melancholy

This wind coming from moreover

The Head upside down


Casually Appearance of everything

 Legs in my neck

Displaying smile

 The head upside down

Towards  and against everything

Somewhere else

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